Rowan Gray is qualified executive coach and UKCP accredited psychotherapist and has
worked with FTSE100 companies and start ups for over fifteen years.

His belief is that everything is designed to be in motion. So when a client is stuck the
question becomes: what is blocking that movement from happening?

Rowan’s approach is to work with this stuckness and has developed a methodology for
helping people, leaders and organisations to move through change.

As a facilitator and coach Rowan is known for:

  • Quickly developing trust & rapport and accessing the conversations that need to
  • Successfully working with a diverse groups of people across age, gender and culture
  • Being warm and caring but challenging when in service of the change being called
  • A deep expertise and knowledge in building resilience to support the process of
  • A willingness to adapt and change his approach in service of the goal

He has a preference for working on projects that lead to meaningful change and, as a
result, he asks that his clients are willing to come with a spirit of adventure and commit
to the process that is needed to reach their goal.

When appropriate he will work with clients as a therapeutic coach. Using his skills and
training as a therapist he will explore deeper patterns and beliefs that are inhibiting
movement and change from happening.

His recent client include OVO Energy, M&C Saatchi, HS2, GSK, E.ON, CVC Capital and
Universal Music.

Previously Rowan worked at Deloitte as a consultant. He has a Masters in Gestalt
Psychotherapy and another Masters in Leadership for Sustainable Development.