Elle Harrison is an ICF Master Certified Coach, (MCC), with 19-years’ experience as an Executive and Team Coach. Impact-oriented with a deep understanding of change, Elle works with top-teams and C-Level leaders of both start-ups and listed organisations, helping them set their strategy and culture in times of change.

With a background in global marketing at Unilever, Elle has lived in four-continents and brings an international, open-minded lens to her work. She combines the intellectual rigor of a Cambridge University education with creativity and empathy forged through twenty years of spiritual practice.

Articulate and perceptive, with a finely honed ability to read a room, Elle is her clients’ greatest champion, yet she is also unafraid to challenge them to become a better version of themselves. She is known for taking the whole system into account, for combining honesty and gentleness, and for thinking and working creatively. Clients appreciate her combination of intellect and intuition, big-picture strategy with practical action, and her ability to create psychologically safe spaces in which to explore difficult yet important conversations about strategy and culture.

Elle is the author of Wild Courage: A Journey of Transformation for You & Your Business (Watkins, 2011) and she has a master’s in creative writing from Birkbeck, University of London