Nick Mabey

Joining Relume has been the third chapter in Nick’s challenger story. He brings with him rich experience of life within, without and on the cusp of the establishment, together with a playful, relational approach to creating disturbance.

Nick worked for BT for 15 years as the company moved from the public to the private sector, encountered competition for the first time, shrunk it’s workforce by 70% and exploded its customer offering. He was at the heart of much of the enormous change that took place within BT in the 80s and 90s, which proved to be an invaluable foundation for his consultancy practice.

The second chapter saw Nick establishing his own consultancy business, which he ran successfully for 13 years. In that time Nick developed his own unique approach to coaching, facilitation and change management. He also found time during this period to take two degrees; a BA in Drama, Community Theatre and Media was followed by a Masters in Psychological Coaching.

Nick now finds himself offering an unusual, distinctive set of skills to Relume’s clients. In addition to executive coaching and team facilitation, Nick specialises in speaker coaching, theatre in business and organisational consultancy. He has also discovered an ability to teach mindfulness meditation, based on his own 3-year practice.