Ann Paul

Ann has a particular interest in the power of the experiment, helping individuals and organisations move forward by trying the new, calculating risk, listening to instinct, and using both intellectual and emotional information to make decisions and move forward.

Throughout her career in a range of retail and media organisations she has had first-hand experience in dealing with corporate crises, having spent time at News International, Marks and Spencer and Woolworths. Ann believes that a challenger organisation is better equipped to avoid the crisis in the first place, as well as deal with it and flourish from it if the crisis can’t be avoided.

In working with clients, Ann helps people find the space to explore their feelings and actions, creating meaning from them through identifying patterns in thinking and behaviour, constantly reflecting them back to the organisation context. Infinitely practical she creates simplicity from the complex and helps people and organisations move to clear action.

Ann is studying for a MSc in Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology at UEL.